First Choice Liquor

No Dramas.

Life’s already dramatic. So, when it comes to buying booze, why can’t it just be easy? Navigating snobby staff, confusing labels and "What does that even mean?" tasting notes is just irritating. 

As part of a winning pitch for Coles Liquor, we created a jargon-free brand platform heroeing the Aussie saying, “no dramas”. We took away the spit bucket, removed markups and translated sommeliers' tasting notes to position First Choice Liquor as the friendly and easy place to shop. The creative starts by calling the drama out, and then we’d solve it with a First Choice Liquor product. 


How we launched

Drama: Loyalty clubs are pretty useless. They clutter up your wallet, confuse you with overly complex point tiers and random offers. It’s hard to even see the benefit.

Solution: We created ‘The Disloyalty Club’. A simple proposition that encouraged people to be disloyal to Dan Murphy’s. With loyalty card shredders and further discounts for pixelated testimonials, the more disloyal, the more you’d save. No loyalty. No dramas.


No Dramas camping

To demonstrate how the brand platform could come to life in any context, we chose the great Aussie tradition of Easter camping.

Drama: Camp cooking is never easy. Forgotton the mustard, the tin opener, the reason you went camping in the first place?

Solution: Sixers from $13.95 with a bonus ‘NO DRAMAS STEW.’ 

No Dramas epic egg hunt

Drama: Easter means children. Children are noisy and demanding, especially if you just fancy a few hours to yourself.

Solution: Penfolds now with bonus ‘CAMO EGG’, guaranteed to keep your little treasure busy well into the evening.

Tactical posters


Radio sting

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