Conquer the world.

Conquer the world.

For users of fitness trackers, achievements can be a little abstract. Kilometres, calories and heartbeats can often be numbers without context.

Working under the brand platform ‘find your fit’, we created a campaign that used data from the world’s most inspiring and epic trails; everything from the Champs Elysees (2km) to the Great Wall of China (8,800km) to give individuals a contextual achievement. This encouraged our audience to find their fit by conquering the world.


How it worked

Users would pick a trail and overlay their data to create a day’s, week’s or month long challenge, as they run, cycle or train their way from the starting point to the end. They could then see how much of their chosen trail was conquered while competing with others along the way.

What we shared

Fitbit users who complete a challenge, or reach a milestone within a challenge, can click to share their achievement video on Facebook. The post copy urges friends to cheer them on to the finish line.

How we amplified

These are video posts designed to be especially relevant to the user who sees them – targeted to their city, suburb, gender or age. Custom posts could also speak to those who use a Fitbit already, incorporating what we know about their progress thus far.

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